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Janice Joplin -  A Pre-Cut Log Cabin Kit

Janice Joplin - A Pre-Cut Log Cabin Kit

SKU: Janics Joplin Log 10

Janice Joplin -

A Log Cabin Kit By The Quilted Boutique

When all you want to do it sew, the only cutting needed in this kit, is opening the wrapper.


Once again The Quilted Boutique

Has put together a beautiful ensemble of lights and dark fabrics, to create a gorgeous Log Cabin Quilt Kit

- Janice Joplin


There are 12 blocks in this kit.

Blocks finish at approximately 10 Inches each.

Custom Cutting;

Please give consideration to slightly longer shipping times due to Cutting.

Thank you

We are a paper conscious company, just as all of our utility companies are these days... , As such to save paper use, we have put all instructions into picture and text format on our website.

Please Go To The Quilted Boutique, and view your kit instructions under kits - Log Cabin Quilt Kit Instructions.

As well on this page we offer 24/7 live assistance should you need it, simply hit the chat button we are always there to help in any way we can.


For borders, see our matching collection of prints from Laundry Basket Quilts

For Detailed Instructions And Pattern Please Go To The Quilted Boutique. Com

The Quilted Boutique Canada


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