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Marcus Haberdashery BOTM Quilt Kit  Dawn Heese

Marcus Haberdashery BOTM Quilt Kit Dawn Heese

SKU: Habberbom

Haberdashery Block Of The Month

Nancy Rink Featuring Fabrics By Dawn Heese For Marcus.

Get your pins and thread ready for this twelve-part series featuring traditional piecing, wovens and applique.


Block of the Month includes the Haberdashery Sampler Block of the Month Pattern by Nancy Rink. Haberdashery fabrics Dawn Heese For Marcus Fabrics.

Finished size 91" x 91"

Backing fabric available ,

sold separately. 2.78 Yards Required 108in

Price is $49.99 plus shipping per month for 12 months.

Registration Fee $25.99 *** Registration Fee secures your spot in this beautiful Block of the Month program.

Shipping costs:

Canada: $10.00 per month

USA: $10.00 per month

A Fat Quarter Bundle is available for Oops Moments upon request.

  • What is A Pre-Order

    This is a Pre-Order

    This is a Pre-Order. By ordering this item now you acknowledge your awareness of Pre-Order items, and the policy.

    This item is set for release by the manufacturer for September 2024

  • What Is A BOM

    A Block of the Month Club allows you to try new things and learn new quilting skills! Today we're giving you all kinds of info and benifits as to why BOM clubs are beneficial and some really great reasons to consider joining like-minded quilters in these programs, as well we are answering questions about how to get the most out of quilt Block of the Month clubs.

  • What Are The Benifits Of Joining A BOTM PROGRAM

    Block of the month programs are great for beginners and Seasoned Quilters alike because they help you build your quilt at your own pace. Plus, you'll receive fantastic support from fellow members and quilters that will encourage you block by block as you build your quilt. Every quilter has a unique skill that can be learned easily within a Block Of The Month Program setting, and who doesn't like New BFF's

    A BOM in monthly installements makes creating your quilt cost efficient as well.

  • A Special Delivery Each Month !

    Do you love receiving fun surprises in the mail? How about new quilt block patterns and quilt fabric each month? With a Block of the Month program, you'll get a new delivery to unwrap and sew each month. The blocks are released monthly over twelve, eight, or six months depending on the size and style of the quilt. This means that you only have one part to focus on every month and you can take your time making it because you have an entire month to complete well you get to meet new friends

  • Affordability

    Another popular reason to join Block of the Month programs is that the cost is spread out over time. After paying a small signup fee, the only charge is for that month's delivery.

  • Grow your Skill Set

    A Quilted Boutique Block of the Month program can teach you new blocks and techniques. For example, a tutorial on how to bind. Our BOM's offer you a chance to learn new things and expand your quilting skills. You could try joining a Block of the Month club that's slightly outside your comfort zone to allow you to tackle a new quilting skill. If you join a "Members Only " program you can live chat on the website amongst yourselves 24/7 - You'll always have a place to connect, just 4 you!

  • It's a larger project in bite-size pieces.

    We all know that age old question "Are We There Yet"? When making a whole quilt, it's easy to get discouraged by the sheer amount of work needed to finish it. Enter the BOM Members Only Club! When someone(s) there with us, the task gets light hearted. Camaraderie fills the room with fun Members Only groups makes light work, with many people who are all focused on the exact thing you are, at the exact moment you are! What could be better?

  • I get by with a little help from my friend's

    The monthly schedule of a Block of the Month club can help you stay on schedule, knowing that the next block is around the corner and you need to finish this month's block.

    Many Blocks of the Month members say that they like knowing they'll receive a box with the supplies to sew one block every month and only need to make time for that one block. It helps them stay on schedule and finish their quilt instead of letting it fall through the cracks. Especially when your new friends cheer on the team

  • Member Exclusives and Limited-Edition Fabrics.

    Exclusivity is something that true fabric lovers seek out. Great fabrics always catch the attention of a serious connoisseur. At The Quilted Boutique we strive to find great fabrics! Members only offers - may receive unique and limited-edition patterns or fabrics that can't be found elsewhere. It also means you have those patterns or fabrics forever and can remake these exclusive projects based on supplies that aren't available to everyone else.

  • The Quilted Boutique's Community

    A reason to Love The NEW QUILTED BOUTIQUE'S Exclusive Member programs.

    We strive to find beauty! beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that being said, you're here for a reason correct?

    Our goal is to bring those awe struck moments to you .. Our exclusive member, as often as possible.

    To give back what you've given us, and that is JOY, tangible friendships, laughter, tears, a chance to live our dream, as big or small as that may be! You have given that to us, now it's our turn!


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