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Memory Quilts

Memory Quilts

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A Touch Of Love - A Loving Memory Of Mom

A Combination Of Mom's Clothing, and Special Fabrics, lovingly Transformed Into A "Forever" Quilt

By The Quilted Boutique


What a beautiful tribute to provide the family, this Memory Quilt from all things precioius their loved one left behind.


We take all cottons from your loved ones clothing, favorite bedding, blankets ... what have you. Once we get the cotton pieces, we color wheel them with new fabrics, to create a loving, lasting, tribute to a loved one.


Customizations are all open for discussion, patterns, quilting deisgn ... all of these details can be made to suit.


We will also customize memory pieces into Pillows, Teddy Bears, Or Any Size Quilt.


Contact Us Today To Get A Quote On Your Special Memorial Piece.


100% Cotton fabrics only please.

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