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Full Line Stencil -  CLam Glam

Full Line Stencil - CLam Glam

Full Line Stencil

Made of a tough nylon mesh- no true openings, chalk powder goes through open screen mesh

Transfer with Quilt Pounce Pad by Hancy Creations

Clean with dry cloth, damp cloth or warm iron if using Ultimate Quilt Pounce Pad

Press out wrinkles with iron (medium high heat).Use over and over

Registration marks aid in lining up rows and repeats


This stencil design is a very traditional patterns used for many years on quilts of all kinds. It’s now even easier to use as a Full Line Stencil. The continuous line goes across the rows and the registration marks make alignment easy both in repeating across the row and in lining up the rows themselves. 4" x 6" fans. The stencil has two rows of the fans to make marking faster but you can use just one row if need be on a narrower space.

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