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Dandelion And Co. Easter Eggs Digitally Printed - Organic

Dandelion And Co. Easter Eggs Digitally Printed - Organic

SKU: 22sp-ec02

Dandelion Fabrics Easter Eggs Digitally Printed

Dandilion Fabrics




Fabric is sold by the HALF Meter.

All fabric will be cut in continuous yardage.


Quantity 1 = 0.5 M

Quantity 2 = 1.0 M

Quantity 3 = 1.5 M

Quantity 4 = 2.0 M

Quantity 5 = 2.5 M

Quantity 6 = 3.0 M


Manufacturer: Dandilion Fabrics


Collection: Easter

Print Name: Easter Eggs

Material: 100% Cotton

Weight: Cotton

44 "


Typically Ships Within 48 Business Hours⁸

  • Organic Cotton Information

    If you have ever compared organic cotton to non-organic cotton, you can notice a difference between the two.  Non-organic cotton is grown with GMO (genetically modified) seeds and uses insecticides and pesticides. Toxic chemicals are also used in the dyeing and processing stages of non-organic cotton. Organic cotton products are 20-30% more expensive than non-organic cotton. Organic is not only safe for your body but also helps protect the environment and ethical production. We support Organic.