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Poly Fil

Poly Fil

SKU: 123322


Crafters have made The Original Poly-Fil the best selling polyester fiber fill in America.

A unique process explodes the special blend of 100% polyester fibers creating an extraordinary resilience that maintains its integrity through laundering. Use for all types of craft and home décor projects.


Poly-Fil has superior resiliency, smooth consistency, is hypo-allergenic, and unconditionally guaranteed.

Poly-Fil can be used as cloud scapes, cloud walls, cloud ceilings, classrooms, arts and crafts with the kids as well as holiday decor and play scenery. Fiber may shift during laundering, gently massage the project with fingertips to move the fiber back into place.

When working with a lot of projects, fiber fill is the most economical way to complete your projects.

  • Made of: 100% Polyester
  • Washing/drying instructions: Machine wash on gentle with warm water. Air dry or tumble dry on air or low heat setting.
  • Best use: Fiberfill for pillows, dolls, stuffed toys and crafts.


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