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First Blush Green Paisleys  Marcus

First Blush Green Paisleys Marcus

SKU: R210488D-GREEN Paisleys


Trendy totes and handbags now being made with vintage floral fabrics caught the eye of Laura Berringer (Marcus Fabrics), as she designs pretty, romantic collection looks that are at once vintage and modern! Its full of roses, in dusty, muted tones combined with neutral taupes, and a hint of soft yellow.

The group includes a classic Marcus bouquet in two sizes, mixed with rose vines, buds and stripe patterns, a moir texture and a unique collage design of hand-written

vintage receipts.

Fabric is sold by the HALF Yard

1 = .5 Yard

2 = 1 Yard

3 = 1.5 Yard

4 = 2 Yard

5 = 2.5 Yard

6 = 3 Yard


Print Name: First Blush

Material: 100% Cotton

Weight: Quilting



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